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At Banc de Swiss, you can recharge your personal account with the major payment methods.

same time your work Banc de Swiss account similar to a checking account, where you can pay off your balance of mind.

As the safety of customer funds is our top priority – we provide our customers with only deposit methods, which we have tested .

Below is the full list of available payment methods.

If you have problems with your cash receipts or payments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BancDeSwiss Terms & Conditions

1 General

1.1 Banc de Swiss is a trademark of Keplero Holdings Ltd, Cyprus. Use of the Website (the “Website”) and the offered by Banc de Swiss services are subject to the following terms and conditions.
1.2 Interested users must read all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, agree to and accept them before they become a customer of Banc de Swiss. The terms and conditions can not be changed. This applies specifically to the provisions set out below, and also those that are incorporated by reference. Customers with Banc de Swiss and conditions do not agree, ask the service offering will not use it and use the website of the Banc de Swiss urgency.

2 Online services offer

2.1 With the sending of username and password, the customer is allowed to use the site and trading platform for the Banc de Swiss.
2.2 The Website allows the entering into binary options on certain of Banc of Swiss specified underlying index, for example, foreign exchange and equity prices and commodity prices (“Transaction”). It is recommended to read before making any investments the Notes to the transaction on the site.

2.3 The customer has access to the electronic content, real-time information about the exchange rate of different currencies, as well as the software for executing trading transactions in the foreign exchange market via the internet, phone or fax, and any other features, content or services (the “Services “). Banc de Swiss is with due appreciation of the concerns of the customer entitled to amend the provision of services in its sole discretion, limit or cancel altogether.

3 Requirements to customers

3.1 The customer must ensure that he has received all transactions and services conform to the law and that it meets all legal requirements relating to the use of the website. Customers can only such persons or entities, the 18th, the Years of age and able to enter into legally binding contracts under applicable law for each of them. The use of this website by minors or not fully competent persons is prohibited.
3.2. The customer assures that the funds come as collateral for trading on the Banc de Swiss account are transferred, not from illegal or criminal activity or from an unknown source.

3.3. Banc de Swiss services are available only to those available for customers who have sufficient experience and knowledge in financial matters, and are in a position to weigh the benefits and risks of concluding transactions. Users are solely responsible for any of their transactions made and / or for the decisions they have made on the basis of the website or the information content, meet, meet or be. Banc de Swiss is not responsible for verifying that customers have sufficient knowledge and / or experience, nor is Banc de Swiss liable for damages and / or losses incurred by the customer to use the Banc de Swiss website, services or more transactions incurred.
3.4. The Customer agrees to be about the following aspects in mind:

(a) The information provided on the website transactions can be particularly risky and lead to a rapid loss of principal.
(B) The customer is fully informed about options, binary options and the risks associated with options trading in general and in particular with the electronic option trading. The execution of transactions at your own risk of the customer who bears the associated risks.

(c) The customer has the necessary resources to finance such transactions.

(d) The customer has read the conditions for the acquisition of options before buying and is aware of the consequences can have a success or failure.

(e) The customer is aware that it can result in substantial losses from bad investments.

(f) The customer is further aware that the life span of options can sometimes be just a few minutes.

4 Registration Information and Requirements

4.1. As part of the registration on the site, the customer has to provide, inter alia, for the prevention of money laundering, certain personal data. The customer agrees to provide correct, accurate and timely information about his person and not impersonate any other person or entity. Changes in the personal data of the Banc de Swiss immediately notified no later than twenty (20) days after its occurrence.

4.2. Relating to the execution of transactions on the site may produce certain identification documents and any further required by Banc de Swiss documents required. Such documents are not produced, may Banc de Swiss, the user account in its sole discretion to freeze for any time or close completely. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions Banc de Swiss has the right to refuse to open an account for any person or entity for any reason or no reason.

4.3. In the case that a person on the Web site as a representative of a company, it can Banc de Swiss require appropriate documentation evidencing the authorization or right to representation.

4.4. The customer agrees, that may be stored all the user account and the transactions relevant data of customers of Banc de Swiss and used in case of disputes between the customer and Banc de Swiss.

4.5. Banc de Swiss can verify the data provided by the Customer in its sole discretion and for any reason, is not obliged to do. It is pointed out that Banc de Swiss is not committed to the customer for review of such data.

4.6 The Client is solely responsible for the facilitated by his user name and password using the website. Banc de Swiss assumes no liability for any damage or loss of customers, which is due to an inappropriate use or store the user name and password. The customer is obliged to contact the customer service of Banc de Swiss immediately of a possible unauthorized use of his account. Customers who sign up to use on the Banc de Swiss services on the website must provide this certain personal, identifying information.

4.7 Banc de Swiss will handle the entrusted personal data with due care and in accordance with applicable data protection regulations, and its privacy policies, process and.

5 Limited License

5.1 Banc de Swiss grants the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the information provided on the website and services (the “License”). The license will only be granted subject to full compliance with these terms and conditions.

5.2 The customer declares that he initiated without the prior written consent of Banc de Swiss third parties any content or other materials that are available on the Banc de Swiss website.

5.3 The Customer undertakes to use the information from the information systems of the Banc de Swiss for the sole purpose of executing transactions on the Banc de Swiss website.

5.4 The Client also agrees to electronic communication as the Banc de-Swiss web site, do not use for purposes other unlawful, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, embarrassing, obscene, threatening, hateful or privacy hurtful. are

6 Financial Information

6.1. Banc de Swiss provides a broad range of financial information is available that are created by Banc de Swiss or supplied by third parties. This includes, but financial market data, stock information, news, analyst opinions and analysis reports, charts / illustrations or other financial information (“Financial Information”).

6.2. Through the provision of financial information does not constitute investment advice is provided. Despite conscientious examination of the selected sources, acquires Banc de Swiss not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or correct sequencing of the Financial Information made.

6.3. Financial information can be unreliable for various reasons or obsolete very quickly. This is partly due to changes in market conditions or economic conditions and circumstances. Banc de Swiss is not required to verify the information or opinions or update. Banc de Swiss reserves the right to suspend the offering of financial information at any time and without notice or stop completely.

6.4 It is the sole responsibility of the customer to verify the reliability of information on the Banc de Swiss website and its suitability for their needs. Banc de Swiss disclaims all liability for any claims, losses or damages of any kind that may be caused by information on the website (or references and links on the website).

7th Hypertext links and links to other websites

7.1 Banc de Swiss can provide links (called hypertext) links to other websites. These linked websites and their content offered by third parties or controlled. Such a link to a website does not imply endorsement, testing, support or affiliation with the linked website represents

7.2 Banc de Swiss has its customers and users of the website explicitly states that by using the services of linked sites may assume risks, which shall be examined in view of these websites.

7.3 shortcuts and links to other websites are provided by Banc de Swiss solely as an information service. The client accepts that Banc de Swiss takes under no liability for loss or damage arising from the use of the linked content or services websites.

8th Rights of the Banc de Swiss with respect to the account

8.1. Banc de Swiss reserves the right to refuse the provision of services or the payment of winnings to legitimate reasons. Legitimate reasons are:

(a) cases in which Banc de Swiss has cause to believe that the activities of the customer on the Banc de Swiss website are illegal.

(b) cases in which Banc de Swiss by the behavior of a customer or his activities threatened a tax, regulatory or other financial disadvantage.

(c) cases in which Banc de Swiss note of the activities of the customers acquired, by these Terms and Conditions are violated or threatened to violate.

(d) Cases in which Banc de Swiss entitled to presume, is that the information given by the customer to his or her identity, including the e-mail address that does not correspond to the facts.

8.2 The Customer agrees that the Banc de Swiss may restrict trade, payments, services or other aspects related to the account, if this is required by law. These include court decisions, regulations or enforcement of tax authorities and other regulatory requirements caused by restrictions. The customer is pleased. Aware that Banc de Swiss can be to fulfill the above requirements and demands forced to pay out sums of money from the account or block The customer shall in such a case no claim for damages against Banc de Swiss.

8.3. The customer can only assume that a particular job was running when it perform the contract was confirmed by Banc de Swiss official. The customer is obliged to check before executing any further orders the status of pending orders. The customer is responsible for the event that are already issued identical orders with new orders of customers, even if this results in a negative balance in their account.

8.4. The customer is responsible for order confirmations and e-mail, mail or any other means of Banc de Swiss sent account statements to be checked immediately upon receipt. Unless the customer is within three (3) banking days raises any objection, it Banc de Swiss believe that the account statements are correct.

8.5. Banc de Swiss offers a special cancellation feature that allows players to cancel a trade a few seconds after execution. Banc de Swiss reserves the right, in case of abuse of any kind, especially concerning the cancellation function to withhold any winnings and stop positions. The permitted cancellation or discontinuation rate is 0.25 times the number of properly executed trades. Any cancellation or termination rate also may be punishable as abuse, resulting from any gains may be retained.

9th And withdrawals


9.1 Banc de Swiss allows its customers to perform under the conditions shown on the website deposit payments into the respective user accounts via various payment systems such as credit cards, bank transfer, and others. And outflows in cash are not possible.

9.2 The minimum deposit to the account is € 100
9.3 All bank transfers are checked by our staff and edited manually. The processing of incoming bank transfers takes a generally to seven business days.
9.4 Banc de Swiss reserves the right, depending on the selected payment minimum and / or to set maximum amounts for deposits. Possible restrictions are in the “Banking” available on the Banc de Swiss website.

9.5 Banc de Swiss reserves the right to levy depending on the selected payment transaction fees. Any fees are in the “Banking” available on the Banc de Swiss website.

9.6 Banc de Swiss reserves the right to add more payment options or restrict existing or einzustellen.9.7 chargebacks, cancellation fees, charge backs and other costs associated with faulty money deposit shall be borne by the customer.


checked 9.8 Banc de Swiss finance department and handles all payment requests manually. It made no automatic transactions.
9.9 The minimum payment amount on the account is € 100

9.10 All amounts paid must be used for trading on the Banc de Swiss platform.
9.11 The sum of the amounts paid must be taken at least once, to allow a withdrawal free of charge.

9.12 If these criteria are not met, Banc de Swiss reserves fee of 5% of the payment amount or a minimum of 25 euros calculated.

9.13 If a payment request will be made to the user account that is not automatically simultaneously, the desired amount paid ie invoiced deducted.
9:14 Banc de Swiss processed all applications for payment within five (5) business days once the payment application was examined. For this purpose, the following conditions must be met:
(A) The payment request includes all the necessary information.
(B) The payment request (including target account, credit card, etc.) running on the name of the Banc de Swiss account holder.
(C) Banc de Swiss are all necessary for the unambiguous identification of the applicant, prior documents.
(D) The required application being higher or equal to the minimum payout
(E) The bank account has the appropriate coverage.
9.15 Once the application being approved by the Banc de Swiss finance department, the money will be debited from the account, and it may take longer depending on the bank of the customer, five to seven additional business days for the amount paid is credited to the target customer’s account. In the final period of the reversal Banc de Swiss has no influence.
9:16 Banc de Swiss reserves the right to reject any application for payment on certain payment methods, and can without giving reasons which can be invested in the form of a bank transfer to a bank account of the customer.
17.9 Complaints concerning disbursements make within 30 days to submit the requirement of payment.
9:18 Banc de Swiss the right to withdrawal limits (per week) to establish reserves and to charge fees for withdrawals.

10th Inactive Accounts

10.1 If over a period of six (6) months, no trades were made through a user account, the user account is “closed” when viewed. A user account is assigned the status “stopped” at the first working day after six (6), transaction-free months. Once a user account has received the status of “shut down”, are

(a) delete the account and all bonuses
(B) a monthly account maintenance fee of 10% of the account balance, but not less than € 5 (five euros) and collected from the assets in the account removed.
(C) monthly account fees are deducted from the balance until the balance is depleted completely. User accounts with no balances are closed.

10.2 The status of “shut down” will be lifted once the first transaction is handled by an abandoned account. Banc de Swiss is from the time when the account no longer “shut down” is not to raise any additional bank charges. Already charged to the account balance fees, which are deducted before that date will not be refunded.

11th Banc de Swiss leniency

11.1 Banc de Swiss offers new and existing customers a range of attractive bonuses and rewards programs to (“doctoral programs”). These doctoral programs include credit bonuses and one-time trading credits. These programs are limited time offers which new terms of Banc de Swiss in its sole discretion, without prior notice to change.

11.2 requirement for the disbursement of money after credit bonuses or trading credits were claimed, is the quantity-based trading of options on the Banc de Swiss platform. The following requirements must be met:
(A) granted for 10% bonus credit or trading credits must trade / transactions are being made, the sum of which is of value greater than or equal to 10 times the bonus granted,
(B) is granted for 50% bonus credit or trading credits must trade / transactions are being made, the sum is greater than or equal in value to 15 times the bonus granted,

(c) 100% credit amount for bonuses and trading credits must trade / transactions are being made, the sum of which is of value greater than or equal to 20 times the bonus granted.
11.3 The bonus can only be transferred to the account of the Banc de Swiss customers if the applicable requirements are met.
11.4 A welcome bonus is granted only once per customer.
11.5 The customer shall be used for trading initially deducted from the assets pledged as security management of a client. Bonus credits are only activated for trading if the assets pledged as security management of a customer runs out.
11.6 The payment of the customer’s stored as a backup credit line from its Banc de Swiss account, before all the bonus terms, causes the immediate removal of all trading credits or bonus credit the customer’s account.
11.7 Any manipulation or other forms of deception in connection with the provision of Banc de Swiss bonus programs result in the immediate closure of the Banc de Swiss account and delete it accumulated profits.

12th Recruit a friend

12.1. Banc de Swiss customers are entitled to a friendship bonus if:
a) as a recruited friend (“Referred”) is opened in accordance with the terms of the friendship bonus an account with Banc de Swiss with a minimum deposit of € 100.00, and thus on the Banc de Swiss website. Basic requirement here is that the referred friend previously had no account at Banc de Swiss and
b) prior to the opening of the Banc de Swiss account by the recruited person the advertiser must have a valid user account with Banc de Swiss with a minimum balance of € 100.00 and who have done so at least one action (Trade).

The amount of € 50.00 per friendship bonus is for the advertisers. Is credited to the account is two working days after the requirements for the award of the friendship bonus are met. The credit is the customers (advertisers) credited to their Banc de Swiss accounts. Banc de Swiss customer can redeem the friendship bonus if the trades with a value of at least 10 times the total of the friendship bonus conducted.

12.2. The friendship bonus is not combinable with other promotions Banc de Swiss programs. That is, should an advertiser / Referred to claim credit for any other bonus or rewards program – in addition to the friendship bonus of Banc de Swiss – have, the advertiser / Referred receives only the higher bonus value terms. The precise allocation of responsibility in the individual case at the sole discretion of Banc de Swiss.
12.3. When closed, at any time prior to the allocation of the friendship bonus, the Banc de Swiss-account of the advertiser or the recruited or blocked or there are reasons that one of the two excluded from the allocation of bonuses, including the allocation of friendship bonus is canceled.

12.4 There is no limit to the number of friendship bonuses advertisers, corresponding to receive the applicable provisions of the Banc de Swiss. Referred to only come once to enjoy a friendship bonus. In the allotment of friendship bonuses of legal recourse.

13th Limitation of Liability

13.1. Banc de Swiss committed to providing ongoing services on the website. Banc de Swiss not yet guaranteed that the services will be provided without interruption, and restrictions as well as safe and free of errors. Banc de Swiss does not mean that services by unauthorized access to the Web site server, damage hardware, software, communications and system malfunctions / failures, and reasons that even in conjunction with the providers of trading data for the Banc de Swiss or supplier of the Banc de Swiss or their representatives will be affected. Banc de Swiss is not responsible for technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer systems, servers or Internet service providers, as well as cancellation of its services due to technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet.
13.2. The provision of services by Banc de Swiss depends, among other third parties. Banc de Swiss is not liable for the acts or omissions of third parties, or for any damage or loss to the customer or any third party due to or resulting costs associated with such acts or omissions.
13.3. Banc de Swiss is not liable for damages caused by an event of force majeure or incurred other non-controllable by the Banc de Swiss way and have affected the services and trade on the site.
13.4 Banc de Swiss and its representatives are not liable for liquidated damages, including direct, indirect, incidental, special, following and / or any other damages of any kind, including but not damages resulting from a loss of use, a case of data or profits, the settlement of transactions, the use of the services, in a delayed use of the Services, or problems during the attempted making of transactions or use of services or services not provided as part of such services or the information provided, software applications, resulting products and services or when taking place in any other form of utilization of services. Even if Banc de Swiss or their representatives has been advised of the possibility of the aforementioned damage, including Banc de Swiss in a contractual liability, tort, strict liability or other liability.

14th Prevention of money laundering

14.1 Banc de Swiss apply best-practice procedures to prevent money laundering. In this context, reserves Banc de Swiss, the right to deny its services to customers over, and their transactions restitution, subject to these conditions will not be accepted or acted contrary to them:
14.2 The Customer shall provide all necessary personal information when registering for the event.

14.3 Winnings are paid out to customers who have registered personal responsibility and Banc de Swiss account opened and activated by deposit (s).

04.14 winnings are paid only to the actual owner of the account.

14.5 If a customer makes payments via credit or debit cards, so winnings are paid only to the person whose name appears on the card or the payment being made only to the same credit or debit card .

14.6 Only one account per person / company is allowed.
7.14 Prizes can not be distributed to accounts in false names or on multiple accounts from the same person.
14.8 Banc de Swiss reserves the right from time to time at its sole discretion appropriate proof of the identity of the customer demand (eg, notarized copy of passport)

15th Intellectual property

15.1. Owner of the copyrights and intellectual property rights in the website and the services is Banc de Swiss or third parties who have the Banc de Swiss granted the use of these intellectual property rights in the Website and the Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing provision is Banc de Swiss sole owner of the registered and unregistered names, trademarks, patents and designs on the website, the trade secrets in connection with the operation and services of the website, the website design, the technical data of the website, including all software systems, applications, graphics, other files, computer codes, texts and / or any materials contained herein.

15.2. Copying, distribution, reproduction, publication, or the full or partial disclosure of the data to a third party is prohibited. Unless Banc de Swiss has not approved it in writing, it is not permissible to change the data wholly or partly, to be used for advertising purposes, distribute, transmit, sell, distribute or commercially exploit.

15.3. Unless explicitly stated otherwise are the Banc de Swiss ceded materials and / or messages, including ideas, know-how, techniques, marketing plans, information, questions, answers, suggestions, e-mails and comments, non-confidential and the customer keeps the intellectual property in it. The agreement to the Terms of Use as the Banc de Swiss authorization to use any customer data (excluding the personal identification data of the customer) to consider. Such use does not require additional approvals by the client and / or will not be billed separately.

16th Damages

The customer keeps Banc de Swiss and its agents, employees, directors, successors and their assigns (“Indemnified Parties”) harmless from and against all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) which indemnified the people arise because the customer does not fulfill its contractual obligations fully and in good time and / or Banc de Swiss however, must take legal action.

17th Term and Termination

The term of this agreement is indefinite, but it is Banc de Swiss and allows the customer to terminate this Agreement at any time by giving notice to the other Party. With a notice of termination, it is no longer possible to perform customer transactions on the new Banc de Swiss website. The customer is required in this case to submit an application for payment under paragraph 9.

18th Final Provisions

Disclaimer Banc de Swiss

consists In binary options, as with any other form of trading in financial markets, a risk that you will lose the amount invested in whole or in part. Accordingly, you should never trade with money you can not afford to lose.

options trading involves risk of loss. Please read our Terms and Conditions before you start trading in binary options. The prices on our website are the prices at which Banc de Swiss is ready to sell you the options. Accordingly, these courses can sometimes differ from the prices on the stock markets. All prices on our platform, the spread-adjusted rates, which are made available to Reuters. All prices on our platform is fed with a few seconds delay technically related to our system.

Please ensure that you follow the local legislation.

for the taxation of your winnings you are responsible.


With Banc de Swiss, you have the right partner on the side!

100% service to our customers

Banc de Swiss you the most professional trading platform allows for digital options. Digital Options or Binary Options are the fastest and most efficient way to even small price movements in a variety of underlying assets to generate huge profits.

Banc de Swiss, being an active global investment house has a simple and intuitive way of our binary options platform to the odds of the world financial participate. You can trade the 170 most important underlying assets from around the world and quickly and easily make money on forex, commodity, index and equity prices, whether they rise or fall.

Since our inception, we have already convinced thousands of customers from our expertise in trading in the financial markets. The easy to use and reliable software, as well as our excellent customer service have made it a Swiss Banc de Germany’s leading providers.

Binary Options are not a new financial instrument, since the beginning of the 20th Century, this asset class is already known and has in recent years become more and more available to private investors.

Banc de Swiss makes the trading of options simple: previously calculated payments and fixed risk you get the transparency that was previously reserved for investment houses, and know as traders exactly which opportunities you have and what risk you go

We thus represent the most transparent form of securities trading is available to the previously available on the German market.

Use our service consultants

Our trained and experienced consultants will be happy to assist you to develop together with you a suitable investment strategy and to help you to make your own investment decisions. You are at your advice on your investments and the Banc de Swiss platform.

matter which markets you want to be active …

Banc de Swiss, you have the right partner on the page

BancDeSwiss One-Touch Option

An option in which an investor receives a predefined, fixed payout if the price of the instrument reaches or exceeds a certain level. In order to be paid, that option must be during their life cycle only once reached the predetermined level or beyond. Should not be pre-determined level is reached or exceeded, the original investment is lost.

Put Option Un BancDeSwiss

Put Option Un BancDeSwiss

Commodities banc de swiss

raw materials is the common name for raw materials from a variety of sectors such as energy, food and metals. For more information, please look under “Index of instruments.”

Banc De Swiss Maturity Price

The price of the underlying asset at the expiry date of the option. This price is called the money (winner), out of the money (loser) or money given (in a tie).

Binary Options (digital options)

option with one of the commercially available a predetermined or fixed amount if the underlying financial instrument prior to the period of decline in which the dealer selected ‘direction’ (up or down moves in comparison to the value that the option at time of purchase had).

BancDeSwiss courses

BancDeSwiss enables its clients to buy financial instruments without spreads and sell. The opening price for a put option = opening price for a call option.

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